Monday, April 25, 2011


Reepham; walkers paradise?

Hello again. Mrs O.B. and I have been exploring the paths around Reepham during this Easter period. Nice place Reepham, and not least because it is off the beaten track. There's almost everything that you could wish for in the town including a choice of pubs and churches.
Reepham residents are well served with paths and tracks, most of which appear to be well used and are adequately signed. In addition the former railway line, now the Marriotts Way offers level walking for those who don't like getting lost.
We just picked some routes from OS Explorer Map 238. You might find the Norfolk Countryside Access Map at useful too.
Walk 1
We parked the motor on the verge in Whitwell (MR091216). Under the railway bridge we took Back Lane and Broomhill Lane to Hackford Vale, crossed the B1145 to follow Catchback Lane. Under the railway again to join a FP on the right, which led off across meadows (could be wet) to an intersection of paths south of Crowden (MR094245). Very unusual stiles on this path (see above). As I said to Mrs O.B. "I've never seen anything like them in my life." But you might say that I should get out more.

The next section is a bit tricky. Follow the field edge going north and enter woodland just west of Crowden. At the other end of the wood the FP heads for Kerdy Green, but there was no sign of a path on the ground and in the end I had to help Mrs O.B. over an electric fence. However, there is a waysign at Kerdy Green pointing back, so the reverse route should be a doddle.
From Kerdy Green we took a track west, then SW, crossing the Kerdiston Road. Near Carr's Farm (MR075245) we took an ancient track, which eventually linked up with Marriotts Way at the former level crossing on Kerdiston Road. About 20 early purple orchids growing in the bank lifted the spirits and a group of noisy off roaders dampened them again.
Full steam along the old railway track brought us back to the starting place near Whitwell station, where the sounds of hissing steam from a saddletank locomotive and clinking tea cups from the waiting room cafe were music, of a sort, for our ears.

Next walk in another post.

Old Boots


Old Boots is back

Just don't ask where I've been for for so long. One day I'll tell you about Mrs O.B. and my walking adventures in Australia and Switzerland, but now we are back on our home turf. We've both got new walking boots and we're ready to hit the trail.

Old Boots

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