Monday, August 28, 2006


Marsham Circular Walk (Norfolk County Council)

I walked this route today; well most of it, though I cut off one section and got lost in another. The highlight is Marsham Heath, which today was a riot of yellow gorse and purple ling. (I'll put a photo on I managed to get lost at MR 166237 so spent some time exploring Gully Hill, eventually rejoining the route via Marsh Plantation.
The section on the B1145 from MR 164250 to MR 166252 was a nightmare. There's an overgrown, narrow, footpath here, which can be used as a refuge from passing vehicles, but it's not possible to walk along it. This section is DANGEROUS. I suggest the following alternative route, which uses concessionary paths (I think):
From MR165249, turn sharp ESE to MR169247 then NNE to Frog Hall.
Parts of Spa Lane are flanked by ancient oaks, which serve as a memorial to their fellows which have been felled, long since, in the service of agricultural progress. There is rural tranquility and wanton insensitivity to be found in Spa Lane, with an unsightly heap of defunct Portaloos shortly before a turn to the S leads to The Mermaid. This cross field path was unpleasant going today, because the farmer had given the field a dressing of rotting onions. Fortunately The Mermaid was at hand for the dog to have a bath.
I had intended to leave the route at MR 188245 and take the FP to Cambridge, but the cross field section of this path was obstructed by a crop of dwarf beans, so I followed the field edge to rejoin this path, which makes its way through various paddocks and gardens, eventually to emerge onto the road.
In summary: good in part, but could be better.

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