Thursday, February 28, 2019


Who dug a pond on Itteringham FP16?

Despite evidence to the contrary, Mrs OB and I keep on troshin an' turnin. Today we were inspecting paths around Blickling for our Thursday walking group. Now the paths in Blickling Park are well maintained by The National Trust and quite suitable for some of our walking group, who have restricted mobility, but I wanted to break out into the surrounding countryside. The infant river Bure runs just to the north and a quick map inspection suggested a route through the meadows, which could be linked to a circuit within the park.

Route of FP16
Leaving the park at Bunker's Hill (TG1538729343), we followed a wide track to Itteringham. A short section on the quiet road, then FP crossing the Bure on a substantial footbridge (TG1540130012). A beautiful section followed on the river meadows, zigzagging to cross drainage channels on more little bridges.

With the unmistakable White House Farm ahead, we turned sharp right heading south for the river. Closer inspection of the OS map showed that the right of way goes through the middle of a big pond, so we diverted to leave it on our left.

When we got nearer the Bure (TG 1632630478) we could find no way across, but sharp eyed Mrs OB spotted a plank bridge a little way upstream, which we crossed with caution.
Now we were in a rough area with no obvious path. Grateful that we were before the nettle season, we forged a path to the back of Mill Cottage, crossing the Bure on the mill dam.

Once back on the road, we headed south entering Great Wood  (at TG 1628229905). Then, through the woods, past the Mausoleum, like a pyramid, and back to The Buckinghamshire Arms (TG 1768828551) for a pint of the wine of the country a.k.a. Woodforde's Wherry.

On reflection we considered that this could be a superb route, but was unsuitable for our walking companions because of the precarious bridge and ill defined path close to Mill Cottage.

I have reported this obstruction to the Norfolk CC Rights of Way Officer, so we shall see if improvement is possible.

I've since had this response from the County Council Rights of Way officer:
"We are aware that this footpath is in effect dead ended at the river. The parish of Blicking did not register a public right of way within thier parish. We have raised this with the National Trust."

Come on National Trust. Don't be dogs in the manger. There was clearly a right of way here once and it would not take much to reinstate it.

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